Beauty by Breanne- Advanced Spray Tan offers the most natural looking customized spray tans in San Francisco.

Breanne is a dual licensed California Esthetician and Cosmetologist trained Cinta Aveda and the top Tanning Academy in Hollywood, CA. As a Maui born, her appreciation for a natural looking tan combined with a celebrity tanning artist’s technique makes Advanced Spray Tan best of the bay area.

Each custom spray tan includes a pH balance pre-spray which tones and hydrates your skin and is the activator, ensuring an even natural tan. The color and tone is customized to each individual skin tone. The application is a matte finish so you will not feel sticky or cakey and will be comfortable to go along with your day or sleep with the tan on. At the end of the tanning session contouring is included for slimming and body enhancing effects. The tan lasts 7-10 days!

The treatments always begin with a consultation, this allows all expectations to be met. Offering the highest quality ingredients and most advanced technique Breanne ensures quality and satisfaction. All services are guaranteed within 3 days of visit. Services offered for women only.

Solution offered are all organic or Ayurvedic. Infused with antioxidants, vitamins and natural moisturizers.

Benefits of Spray Tanning:

Confidence boost towards your beautiful body image
Healthy and glowing skin
Appear toned and 10 pounds slimmer
Equivalent to baking in the sun for 10 hours without the harmful side effects
Why Spray Tan? Over exposure to the sun or tanning beds can be harmful to your skin causing aging, collagen breakdown, discoloration, burns, and premature aging and in worst cases; cancerous. Sunless tanning offers the ultimate alternative for your best tan! Achieve a flawless, effortless tan in minutes without sacrificing your skin.

Your experience with us will leave you sun kissed, off-the-beach tanned, or back from vacation. Which we will discuss in your consultation!

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